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Living in Cyprus

What could be better than enjoying the magnificent sunshine of Northern Cyprus. The name is an ideal place to visit every season with its sunny climate throughout the year. Are you looking for a relaxing holiday or are you excited to have a mind? The hospitable people of Northern Cyprus open the door to a peaceful life with their unique lifestyle. With its unique coasts, unique mountain and sea views, where you can look wherever you look, and the unique history of many civilizations, Northern Cyprus is the right place to travel and live. A caretta caretta is an ordinary event, while the blue sea of the Mediterranean is cooling in the clear waters. In addition, unique cuisine await you.

Is it safe to buy a house in Cyprus?

Is it safe to buy a house in Northern Cyprus? There is only one simple answer: sector absolutely yes! ”Today, the Northern Cyprus real estate sector is experiencing its most active period. Currently, eligible figures from this moving period represent the best period to invest. Rapidly rising sales charts and foreign buyers investing in the island have increased the interest in Northern Cyprus by a great deal. Thanks to the rapidly growing projects in important locations, buyers find it quite attractive to invest in North Cyprus. Northern Cyprus's natural environment, beauties, and the fact that it keeps pace with the warm-blooded Cypriot society makes it possible for investors to feel at home. Away from crowds and chaos, this paradise is worth living in an despite the fact that the media gave incomplete information about the Cyprus Problem, the relations between the two sides have evolved recently. Many years ago, with the opening of the border gates, the free passage has increased the number of visitors in Northern and Southern Cyprus. Tourists who land at the airports of Southern Cyprus can easily move to Northern Cyprus. It is enough to spend some time understanding the political situation in Northern Cyprus. Thus, you can see that it is possible to get property and title deeds safely. It will be an important step for you to make research about the properties you will receive with an expert and independent lawyer who will guide you.

Health Service in Northern Cyprus

Health services standards are quite high in Northern Cyprus. There are hospitals and health centers where you can find every service in terms of health. Apart from many private hospitals, emergency services and operating theaters, access to health services is very easy on our managerial homes, dentists and optics. On the other hand, you don't need to spend big budgets to benefit from all these services. In North Cyprus, you can benefit from a very high standard for cancer, traffic accidents and emergency dental traumas, which are among the most common diseases, and from institutions that work to provide you with excellent health equipment and physicians. There are city hospitals in Famagusta, Kyrenia, Nicosia and Güzelyurt. The number you can call for emergency health in North Cyprus is 112. In the case of emergency, 112 officers work to get you to the nearest health institutions and institutions in the best possible conditions. You do not need to pay a price for this service. The Ministry of Health is currently in talks about this situation. The Ministry aims to provide better health services in Northern Cyprus with health insurance. Pharmacies in Northern Cyprus sell all medicines prescribed by physicians. At the same time, they give you consultancy services about drugs. Pharmacy prices are cheaper than UK and Germany.

Education in Northern Cyprus

Today, there are fifteen universities in Northern Cyprus, where almost one hundred thousand students are studying and this number is increasing every year. The training process allows you to meet the western education system with many positive aspects.
Advantages of education in North Cyprus for foreigners:
• Education in Northern Cyprus universities is based on modern European standards; therefore, it is an excellent opportunity to get advanced level of advanced quality education at a reasonable price
• Diplomas of universities in Northern Cyprus are recognized by the European Union and the United States; so you can easily find jobs in an international company after training; • A wide range of specialization options at universities will enable you to obtain the higher education you desire:
• Cyprus is a safe tourist destination, so you won't have any problems with accommodation here; • Citizens of other countries are trained in English in Northern Cyprus, so this is an excellent opportunity to improve your foreign language skills so that you do not have difficulty in any country in the world.
Higher education in Northern Cyprus is a treasury of opportunities for foreigners, because graduates of universities in Cyprus receive a diploma recognized all over the world and have the right to employment in leading international companies and organizations.

Moving to Northern Cyprus

The idea of ​​moving to a different place, retirement or moving to North Cyprus to give a new direction to your life can be a bit daunting. But you are no doubt stepping into a perfect life. There are many options ahead of you and North Cyprus is a paradise with its magnificent historical and natural beauties. The people of Northern Cyprus are very friendly and cheerful. If you like eating out and spending time, Northern Cyprus is for you. Many restaurants, bars and entertainment centers on the island and entertainment lovers are waiting for a great life. If you are a Citizen of the European Union and have a passport, your arrival in North Cyprus is very easy. When you enter the island, you will receive a stamp on your passport and receive a 3-month visa. You can then carry out the necessary procedures for a residence permit in the capital city Nicosia. This requires a number of procedures, a number of documents you need to submit and a number of tests you need to take. Don't let this be intimidated. The friendly and hospitable people of Northern Cyprus will embrace you and support you during all these processes.

In northern Cyprus, temperatures do not fall below 37oc until the end of September. You'll enjoy tanning and glow with the warm sun. Temperatures begin to fall as of October, with more humid and rainy weather between November and February. The level of education in North Cyprus is very high. Babysitters and school facilities are very high for your children. In addition to primary and secondary education in North Cyprus, many universities also offer education. There are also private schools on the island. Public schools offer education between 8: 00-13: 00 in the morning and between 08:00 and 16:00 in private schools. Health services in Northern Cyprus are also very good. You can benefit from all services provided if you have a residence permit. On the other hand, there are private institutions providing health services, but it can be a little more costly to benefit from these services.

Purchase Procedure

Buying homes or properties in Northern Cyprus may be slightly different from the procedures of other Mediterranean countries. Here are a few things to watch out for. It is important that you get an agreement on the price of the property you receive, and that you have a lawyer's support for formal procedures and necessary authorization procedures. You can provide the attorney with the power of attorney to carry out all official procedures (such as the permission of the council of ministers) to be executed on your behalf. Here, the process of buying a house in Northern Cyprus is explained step by step.

- The buyer chooses the house of the property of his choice and an agreement is reached with the seller about the price.
- Both the buyer (lawyers if there is power of attorney) and the seller sign the contract. - The buyer (usually 10-20% as negotiated and will be specified in the contract) and pays the first installment for a 0.5% tax charge (0.5% of the purchase price)
- For the permission of the lawyer to purchase the law, the applicant shall apply to the Council of Ministers to follow up the necessary actions.
- As stated in the contract, the buyer prepays for a seller (according to construction stages).
- Purchase permission is obtained.
- Last payment is made.
- Seller pays professional withholding and buyer pays VAT and deed transfer costs.
- Sales are completed.
- The purchasing process varies between 4-12 months. For realization of the purchase, application is made to the regional real estate office. The real estate agents of the region perform the sale process after making sure that all necessary taxes are paid and the necessary payments between the buyer and seller are realized.
- Foreigners can only own up to 1 acre land. (1,338m2)
If foreigners are husband and wife, they can still own up to 1 acre of land, but if they are carrying different surnames, they can buy 1 acre per person.

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